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Chestnut: the wood that keeps on giving

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About PM Chestnut

PM Chestnut, run by Paul Lentz, is a company that cares deeply about the way woodlands are managed, particularly chestnut coppice woodland that has a long tradition in the UK.

Native woodland has over the years has become neglected and under-exploited in favour of imported softwood.

We have a clear aim to grow the very best quality chestnut in our own woodland in the most sustainable manner possible. We also support other woodland owners in managing their woodland assests

We supply a range of durable coppice products and fencing and firewood. In addition we aim to develop and sustain local employment, promoting traditional craftsmanship through the demand for our products.

View us on Facebook where we will keep you up to date with news,competitions and milestone events on our exciting journey in establishing our company. We welcome your interest and support.

Who we are:

Paul Lentz

Co-owner of PM Chestnut Paul became aware the desperate plight of our overstood and under managed woodlands in 2011, whilst fulfilling a childhood ambition to learn to lay hedges.

Having become an accredited hedgelayer it was not long before he found his first overstood chestnut coppice woodland to restore near Lenham Kent. Since 2012 he has determinedly brought back into rotation these woodlands.

Not content with just managing this woodland he developed the skills to create coppice products which PM Chestnut successfully market today.

Supporting this, he studied forestry and arboriculture being awarded in 2017 a certificate in both subjects. In this process the Royal Forestry Society (RFS) recognised Paul awarding him the Silky Hand saw award for being one of the best practical students of that year.



Great news we have welcomed Moritz to PM Chestnut. He comes from Germany and is the strongest member of our team, able to take on the heavy loads without breaking in to a sweat.

Seriously this addition of the Moritz fr50 ROV, track mounted, forestry winch to PM Chestnut plant line up will allow us to undertake extraction of timber from difficult inaccessible areas.

All accomplished with little disturbance to the ground as the exerted ground pressure is 0.30kg/cm2  is a pressure less than your foot print.

But more importantly Moritz will be undertaking removal of windblown and uprooted trees. Offering a level of safety for our staff working in very dangerous situations.

We will happily quote for work across the south east of England as Moritz can be moved rapidly at short notice by trailer to where he can prove his credentials.

With a 5 tonne pulling capacity he has fantastic power to weight ratio not found in any other forestry winch. (Vorsprung mit technik)