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Chestnut: the wood that keeps on giving

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Chestnut coppicing and products

Four rail chestnut wood fencingAt PM Chestnut we are dedicated to promoting and using chestnut timber to continue traditional craft of chestnut coppicing to produce products such as fencing and gates from the natural resources we have in this country.

In turn, this encourages regeneration of the rootstock and ensure that natural habitat is maintained for future generations benefit.

The chestnut woods of Kent and Sussex have been cut and regrown on a coppice cycle for hundreds of years, creating diverse natural habitats for species that now depend on woodland management by humans to continue to thrive.

PM Chestnut is bringing neglected woods back into use, harvesting wood products and benefiting wildlife at the same time.

Choosing to buy from us advances these environmental aims, ensures continuity of chestnut coppicing and provides much needed local employment.

See our wood products and other tree services, learn more about sweet chestnut and about PM Chestnut and our approach to woodland work.

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Registration Number GiB-CP-WS-5101